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Our company was originally based in Jakarta, Indonesia and started operating in 1991. The company was managed by Bob and Luke Agnew.  We have been providing Seismic Scanning and Vectorizing Services for oil companies in Indonesia, Australia and South East Asia for the last 26 years. In 2008 Bob and Luke relocated to the Gold Coast, Australia, to enjoy the beautiful lifestyle.

Professional Quality

We have an excellent reputation for quality vectorizing into SEGY Format, and also for quick turnaround and excellent post vectorizing processing, especially migration and navigation processing.  Since 1991, the division usually processes up to 30,000 line kilometers of seismic per year. From 1998 to 2006 the Division was also involved in IT Database Management for various oil companies in Indonesia.

Because of the superior quality and fast turnaround, we have successfully completed large projects for ARCO, CHEVRON, LASMO, BP, MOBIL, EFDA, EKSINDO, POE, VAMEX, PREMIER, UNOCAL, JAPEX NEW VENTURES (in Algeria, Sea of Japan, Honduras, Russia), JNOC, JOGMEC, NATIONS, PEARL, TATELY, SHELL, PERTAMINA as well as many other companies.

We had for 9 years continuously operated an internal scanning service at PERTAMINA EXPLORATION, Kwarnas Building.  We have provided IT Database Management Services for Lasmo, Devon Energy, PetroChina and Unocal, scanning, archiving and indexing of maps, seismic sections and well logs. We have recently been active with WADMP (West Australia Dept of Minerals and Petroleum), Pangea Resources in Sydney, Murphy Oil in Kuala Lumpur and clients in Singapore and the Philippines.

Personal Details

Bob Agnew has over 50 years Processing and Quality Control Experience in Land and Marine Processing. Bob ran the Digicon processing centre in Singapore for many years, and then went on to set up Digicon Australia. He also worked as the chief geophysicist for Jackson Oil, and has worked as a processing consultant for various oil companies as well as supporting the scanning and vectorising business.


Luke Agnew has supported the company as the operations manager for over 25 years, with 15 of those spent in Jakarta, Indonesia. He has vast experience in preparing SEGY and Navigation data for workstation loading. He has recently completed a degree in computer science at Bond University, and is completing his Masters Degree at Griffith University.

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